Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Safeguarding Your Success

Businesses experience risks that can cease operations day and night. Unexpected things happen! Employees get injured, vehicles hit items on the road, manufacturers have downtime when dependent properties are inoperable due to a covered peril, key employees are disabled on or off of work, and fires damage premises, to name just a few.

Firms nowadays benefit most from long-term relationships with familiar sales and service representatives that are intimately familiar with the personality, focus, industry, and risk tolerance levels of the client firms. We facilitate these business insurance services and more on behalf of clients in 16 states because we have subject matter experts and agents in their areas of interest! We know our industries and appreciate working with those of similar focus.

Contractors, durable goods manufacturers, fleet maintenance services, healthcare providers, trucking firms, wineries/vineyards, professional consultants, non-profit social service agencies, food manufacturers, restaurants, hotel/motel chains, and temporary labor placement services are a few of our niches, for which we facilitate best of class business insurance and risk management services.  Whether it’s workers’ compensation, commercial property insurance, or even employee dishonesty insurance, let us guide you to the best solution for your business.

Contact us to set up a fact-finding consultation with one of our agents to determine if your current coverages are appropriate and whether you can possibly save premiums on coverages that suit your needs. Let’s work together to tailor a plan to benefit your business and your cash flow.

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