Am I Saving for My Retirement the Right Way?

Save for your Retirement

Serious about your financial future and the comfort of your retirement?

In knowing the answers to these 4 questions, you will become more aware of what is needed to ensure your financial security through to retirement.

What rate of return do I have to earn on my savings and investment dollars to retire at my current standard of living and have my money last to your life expectancy? 

How much do I need to save on a monthly and annual basis to be able to retire at my current standard of living and my money last until life expectancy? 

Doing what I am currently doing, how long will I have to work to be able to retire and live my current lifestyle until life expectancy? 

If I don’t do anything different than what I am doing today, how much will I have to reduce my standard of living at retirement for my money to last until your life expectancy?


These are just some of the many questions that arise when we look at what is needed for the transition into retirement to be made easy, fluid, and comfortable. To live the dream life we work for years to set up requires one important first step-
start saving, and start saving efficiently, now


The time you find yourself well past the clock-out time of your career as a whole is the time when you will need to ensure you have the appropriate savings built up to support the standard of living you wish to have. Though undeniably a crucial step, there is still only 17% of Americans identify saving for retirement as a top financial priority. 


It’s common to meet the obstacles of saving for something so far in the future that many working adults default to not beginning their savings just yet. Though, what then happens when you meet the obstacles that arise in your “golden years” that may require a little more comfort in your wallet? Will avoiding the challenges in your working years now pay off then? 


Of these obstacles, one of the most common is awareness, or the lack thereof- understanding, what does it truly take to achieve retirement at 65 and to live comfortably? 


How can you get the guidance that will answer some of these burning questions?

With Russ Schweikert through his FREE consultation offering

After 21 years of service with the U.S. Navy, Russ made his way into serving his community in many other ways. He spent 10 years with the Ashland insurance firm Reinholdt & O’Harra as a producer and agent serving clients in Oregon, Washington, and California, where he focused primarily on commercial and business coverage. His work then transitioned to Ashland Insurance in 2003, after a mobilization recall to active duty for the Navy.

Pursuing a holistic planning approach, he services all lines of coverage and has added a significant focus on life insurance and retirement planning.

Preparing for your future requires the opinions of experts that have experience and care for the success and security of their community.

Even if you have already started saving, or have been advised on the financial structure of saving for your retirement, inquiring a second opinion and refining the practice will improve the power of your savings when the time comes. 


Request a free consultation with Russ Schweikert and in 10 minutes you’ll have these answers in front of you. 


So, now the question is, when are you ready to know?

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