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Fleet Insurance Coverage

Fleet coverage insurance

Due to the nature of light, medium, heavy, and oversize vehicle fleets transporting goods of others the federal government and individual states have specific requirements regarding liability insurance, cargo coverage, highway tax payments, stevedoring, etc.

We have specialists in heavy haul, sand and gravel, heavy vehicle repair, crane management, high volume fleets, salvage operations, auto transport, lumber products shipments, truck and/or freight brokers, contingent cargo requirements, towing operations, etc.

We serve clients in 21 states, chances are that we can help you shortcut the pitfalls that can befall vehicle agencies and trucking firms. Let’s get a plan so that you can focus on over-the-road operations and we and our connections can help behind the scenes.

You can contact us to get a quote for fleet insurance or to review your policy, get a new quote or discuss available discounts by calling us at 541-482-0831, or request a quote online.


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