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Cleaning Business Insurance Coverage

cleaning business insurance

There is nothing like coming into work or home after the cleaning company has been there… everything shines, is clean, and smells wonderful!

However, there are some unique exposures that cleaning companies experience that they may want to insure. Under normal circumstances, house and office cleaning are unregulated, meaning there is no governmental oversight segment that requires insurance, bonding, background checks, etc.

Some cleaning company owners want to stand above the rest in that they want to insure their mistakes and the potential for breaking client items or furnishings. They may also want to “bond” their employees to identify that if items of value disappear while owners were away but the cleaners were in, and those employees are convicted, the bonding company reimburses the client.

These firms may also need worker’s comp for employees, coverage on business vehicles, life insurance on agents of the company, etc.

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