FEMA Disaster assistance resources

Disaster Assistance

Whether or not you had insurance, if you were or are being affected directly or indirectly by wildfires in your area then please go online and register for assistance at https://www.disasterassistance.gov


Find FEMA Local Resources

To find help for your immediate needs, please enter an address to get a list of the closest FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs), starting with the closest three.

If no resource is close to you, contact your state’s emergency management agency to ask about other resources or to get your county’s contacts. To find your closest hospital, use the U.S. Hospital Finder .

Do you need help for a business, local government, or community? If so, you may want to view our Other Recovery Help page. There you can find other resources that are not just for individuals.

* Resources for Recent Disasters *

To find shelter in your area, go to the Emergency Shelter page.

For the disasters below, you can find links to information and resources on each disaster page.