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Farm and Ranch Insurance Coverage

Farm and crop insurance coverage
Farm and crop insurance coverage

Each farm and ranch are unique which is why farm insurance policies are some of the highly customized policies. The main coverage most farm owners consider is the coverage for the main home or ranch, then liability insurance. But since most farms use different types of vehicles and equipment to service the property, these vehicles are also insured under a blanker farm policy. Other customized coverage options include the crop or crops the farm produces and coverage for different activities conducted by the specific farm. Most farms also have multiple buildings on-premises and making sure you have enough coverage for all detached structures is crucial.

Farm and ranch coverage

Most farm policies cover personal property directly used in farming operations. This includes

  • Machinery and equipment: This includes coverage for tractors, pickers, planters, hay rakes, portable irrigation systems, … farm equipment is expensive and some of it would need to be scheduled to make sure it’s properly covered. Remember: The more specialized equipment is the longer it would take to be replaced if lost due to a covered peril. Let’s talk about coverage to expedite replacement, rent substitutes, cover lost income while items are not available, etc. We have the expertise to minimize your risk of the unknown.
  • Livestock: Most farm policies cover livestock for death and injuries. Some broader policies could offer coverage for livestock caused by accidental shooting or in case they are struck by a vehicle such as a train or a car or in some cases wild animal attacks. Some farm operations extensively depend on some animals such as horses used for herding and losing them could mean an interruption in operations for some farms. Not to mention their medical expenses are extremely costly. So it is important to discuss interruption of operations coverage with your agent. Mitigation of loss is often available, so let’s plan to ensure your enterprise’s continued success!
  • Farm products/Crop coverage: Farm policies cover typical field crops: hay, vegetables, fruit, beans, wheat, beans, herbs, nursery stock, florist stock, and more. Cannabis is often the main crop exclusion so make sure to check with your local independent agent for more information, there can be options to “buy back” coverage through specified markets.
  • Farm liability coverage: This coverage is not an option and like every business liability insurance, this coverage applies to bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage, and attorney fees in case of a lawsuit. Farm operations involve all kinds of accidents that could result in a liability claim from startled animals injuring handlers to animals escaping and causing a car accident. If your farm or ranch conducts any ancillary operations, simultaneous businesses, processing or manufacturing actions, etc. then coverage extensions may be necessary. We can help with any or all of these options if we are aware of the situation.

Coverage for Farm vehicles 

Farm vehicles should have special consideration as you address your coverage needs with your agent. A thoughtful independent agent can help determine the right combination of insurance products for you and your business. They can explain coverage options and help identify any available discounts. You can often bundle commercial auto insurance and add it to your overall farm package.

Please be sure and talk with your agent about the vehicle used for your business and how they are used. This include:

  • The number of vehicles you own and/or lease
  • Whether your employees use company vehicles or drive their own
  • How often and under what circumstances vehicles may be used for personal use
  • How your vehicles are secured when not in use and more.

Additional coverage enhancements

In addition to Property and Liability coverage, we can work with you to customize a policy that fits your needs. Every farm is different not only in size and cops but also in the activities conducted on and off-premises to engage the community and connect with the source of their food. Some of the options to consider discussing with your agents could include the following:

  • Disruption of Farming  Operations
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Data Breach & Cyber Liability
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Transportation of farm products
  • Liquor Liability
  • Employment Benefits Liability
  • Farm Pollution
  • Livestock & Livestock Collision
  • Primary/Secondary Homes
  • Excess Liability
  • Agritourism

Since every farm is different, make sure to have a comprehensive discussion with your agent about all your farm operations, products, livestock… and make sure you are covered properly to avoid any surprises after filing a claim.

You can contact us to review your policy, get a new quote or discuss available discounts by calling us at 541-482-0831, or requesting a quote online.