Giving the Gift of Pet Insurance: 1 Last Minute Gift Idea that Takes the Stress Away

pet insurance

Pets as gifts– we’ve all seen the timeless image of a little furry friend, all wrapped up with a bright red bow and a bit of happiness sweeter than any hot cocoa you might be sipping. 

There is joy in that moment that can truly be unimaginable when you’re not the one holding that bundle, but, nonetheless, is still very tangible and palpable even just from a place to witness the unwrapping. 

That gift, though? The joy it brings goes beyond that singular moment- it grows just as those little paws do. Pets as gifts fill (and at times, outgrow) the space they are welcomed into with love and happiness, just as they fill (and, again, outgrow) their little beds, comfortably set up in the corner. 

Just as the pet itself grows, so too does the commitment that comes with giving pets as gifts. The list of needs expands, including basics often forgotten– bones, beds, and even pet insurance.

With everything to consider before booping that little snout and placing the bow atop its furry head, there is one gift that is an accompaniment that should come with the furry friend: that oh-so important pet insurance

The best part? Pet insurance can be a stand alone gift, added to the pets that have already spent holidays with the family and friends over the years.

What is Pet Insurance? 

Pet insurance is essentially health insurance for pets. 

Consider this: 1 in 3 pets requires an emergency vet visit each year. 

Think about how health insurance helps each of us as humans. There are those preventative and maintenance-oriented visits to healthcare each year, and then there are the emergency visits as well. 

Both come with a price tag, but one comes out of the blue and can have more of a substantial hit on an unprepared budget. 

Health insurance helps mitigate the effects of unexpected, emergency style visits, and can help mitigate the financial impact that comes with it (as we outlined in our Health Insurance write up regarding Open Enrollment and the associated statistics). 

Seeing how medical costs- or any substantial unexpected cost for that matter- can alter and shake the decision making process in response due to the financial upheaval, having the same security provided by pet insurance makes sense as its extended to our furry friends. 

pet insurance

Pets as Gifts: The Basics 

Let’s come back a bit to that potent moment filled with smiles, big puppy kisses to the cheeks, the whirlwind of names and coming adventures, the hugs, the thank you’s-

There is joy that is being unwrapped but there is also a lot of life that is sitting in their lap, ready to learn, and grow with the one you gave the pet as a gift to.

Do you know what you actually gave to that loved one along with the pet as a gift?

More than anything else, you are giving the gift of commitment– a commitment to time and attention to raising the pet, whether young or not, as there will always be a learning curve when introduced into a new space with a new companion (and that’s speaking from the pet’s perspective, not just the person’s). 

There is also the commitment to space to make a comfortable home for the pet that fits their need. 

Financial commitment comes along with the wagging tails as well. That’s a separate budget, set aside for food, toys, grooming, and other supplies. There is also that need of a bit of movement in the financial leeway in the case of injury or older age, as well as maintaining vet visits that can add to the overall cost of a pet. Hence the benefit of pet insurance as an addition to this commitment.

If you are deciding on giving a pet as a gift, look at the situation as a whole that will be created by introducing a new member to that family, couple, or loved one living on their own:

    • -Space: What space is currently available or could be made available? Does the pet need a yard, a terrarium, a fresh water tank with all the regulating features, an added door to enable access outside when needed, etc? Some of these elements already exist and some need to be purchased or created. This is a foundational step in identifying the overall availability of what is needed to bring in that pet as a gift to the specific person you have in mind. 
    • -Time: Time and attention go hand-in-hand. What time is available to give attention, love, and care to the pet. Think not just about what can be given, but what is needed. Is there time to let them out to do their “business”? Yes? What about added time to be out, playing, exploring, learning/training, etc? Does the recipient of the pet as a gift have more time allotted and required by work than what can be given to the pet? You can give a pet as a gift, yes, but remember, you cannot give more hours to the day. 
    • -Other Pets, People, etc.: What other pets or people engage with the space? What “others” would the pet be interacting with? Would they be compatible, or even helpful in providing for the needs of the pet in some way? 
    • -Stability: With all those variables taken into the equation, there is also the question of the longevity of stability for each. Will the space, the time availability, or other companions change anytime soon? Will those changes improve or challenge the addition of a pet as a gift? 
    • -Add Ons: What else would be needed? Special training, toys, or, maybe even that extra protection attributed by pet insurance? There are the little things you can always add in to the pet as a gift, and long term peace of mind and protection are better than any toy you may grab off a shelf. 

Essentially, you are considering the compatibility of pet and person. You are not just giving the pet as a gift to an individual, you are bringing companionship to that loved one’s life.

pet insurance

Pets with Pet Insurance: the Cost & the Coverage

Many say having a pet is like having a child– there is prep required, and there is continued care needed as well. Dogs are one third the cost of a child in the first year, but that doesn’t mean they are as responsibility-free as gifting a stuffed animal over the holidays. 

In fact, that’s just the first year of that pet’s life. 

We are all familiar with the stories that come with an aging pet.

We will outlive the majority of our pets – unless the pet is one of the few that can actually, and will likely, outlive their human companion like snakes, cockatoos, koi fish, or a tortoise.

Outliving that little loved one means living the full life of that pet alongside them. Coming to the end, though, is a bit different than just the healthcare upkeep, the dental care, and the unexpected emergency visits

Just as humans do, pets age with health concerns that will cover the gamut from hereditary conditions making themselves known with age, to chronic diseases that may be breed specific, even to cancer unexpectedly coming up. The comfort of the pet’s continuing life will require medication, diagnostic testing, and, at times, surgery. And these are all the reasons pet insurance is a gift in and of itself accompanying the pet as a gift, or gifted to those pets you’ve had in the family for years

Pet insurance can cover these inevitable occurrences, making sure to keep unnecessary, added stress out of the equation.

With additions available to most pet insurance plans, there is even peace offered through the policy to those final days in end-of-life care as well

Just as health insurance for humans can come with its own unique ins and outs, so too can pet insurance.

The  coverage can be inclusive, inexpensive, and clear

However the policy may conversely provide little financial protection, may be very costly, and the contract language (including coverage and exclusions) may be confusing and restrictive. When it comes to insurance, a decision maker does not always “get what they pay for”. Meaning, an expensive policy may not actually be better than an inexpensive one. It makes sense to pursue multiple offers, and to purchase the right policy for the consumer and their pet’s needs.

At Ashland Insurance, we offer pet insurance coverage with Safeco Insurance Co through the Hartville Pet Insurance Program.

Safeco Insurance® introduces customers to affordable pet insurance plan options that cover emergency services, plus options for preventive care benefits for just a little more per month. The Hartville Pet Insurance Program manages the plans, from care to servicing to claims.

pet insurance

Pets in the Family & Pets as Gifts with Pet Insurance: the Accompaniment of Care

Maybe you aren’t wanting to give pets as gifts, but you do want to give a gift to the companionship that’s already been growing together over time. 

You can still give the gift of pet insurance.

With all the reasons to give love and cheer, with lots of sweet peace of mind at this time of year, some of our loved ones’ gifts slip through the cracks when they are hard to buy for. Pet insurance is an amazing last minute gift to grab– and you don’t even have to set the policy up before the holiday, as so many celebrations are coming and going right now. 

You can hand make a little card telling them you are going to help them navigate setting up a policy, pay for a month, a year, then wrap it up in a toy, and even matching sweaters for the pet and the owner. 

The peace of mind you are giving is just a phone call away. Set aside time, share this information with them to help them know and understand why pet insurance is so very needed. Then, you just have to dial the number and give us a call.

Pet Insurance is a small price to pay for unconditional love and confidence.

Talking with us will get a policy that’s right for you and your pet.

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