Help us help pets!

Friends of the Animal Shelter

Together, we’re partnering with Friends of the Animal Shelter to provide necessary funds and supplies to help. Please consider joining us by donating any of the following items:

• Large towels • Dog collars (medium and large) & leashes
• Pet Toys – Washable & Durable • Washable blankets, rugs, and other bedding
• Small cat litter pans • High protein kibble for puppies and kittens
• Clay cat litter • Baby shampoo and pet shampoo
• Dog and cat beds that can fit into a commercial washing machine (no foam beds)
• Pet food: canned cat food, canned dog food, dry kibble (preferably dye-free)

You can drop your donation off at Ashland Insurance at 801 O’Hare Parkway Suite 101 in Medford until 5PM on Thursday, October 8 and we’ll make sure it gets to Friends of the Animal Shelter.

Please feel free to deliver them directly to 5595 Pacific Hwy in Phoenix if that’s your preference. You can contact them by phone at 541-774-6651.

Financial Contributions: Please visit to make a cash donation.

Thank you very much for your help rebuilding our community while watching out for our furry friends.