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Insurance and the state legal requirements

Insurance and the state legal requirements

The State of Oregon has a reputation and history of providing careful consumer protection. Therefore there are many mechanism in place to ensure that consumers, (most specifically elders) are not taken advantage of or swindled by unscrupulous businesses.

Did you know that these industries can have specific regulatory requirements that include insurance or bonding?

actuarial                               managing airline flight plans                        serving as a trustee                         probate agent

janitorial                              wine production                                               alcohol sales                                       operating a truck

brewing beer                     placing mobile homes                                    employing others                            selling insurance

contracting                         selling used cars                                               nursing                                                 meat packing

Notary Public                     having a 401 (k)                                                 tax preparer                                       building near a railway

excavation                          hiring farm labor                                               utility payments                               registering boats for buyers

car dealers                          hiring for federal projects                              selling cigarettes                              sponsoring a raffle

flagging traffic                   collection agency                                             serving summons                            private investigator

home appraisal                 providing continuing education                    surveying                                            Investment advising

cemetery operation        debt management agency                               landscape construction                 driving tow trucks

money transmitter          selling fuel                                                          outfitters & guides                          pawn stores

charter boat operator    salvaging vehicles                                            serving restraining orders            sewage disposal

tire recycler                        water well driller                                              produce dealer                                 seafood dealer

aircraft dealer                    auctioneer                                                          bail bondsman                                  employment agency

And there are more!

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