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Insurance Coverage for Outfitters and Guides

Insurance coverage for outfitters & guides

Because of the dangerous nature of fishing on commercially navigable waters, risky backpacking adventures, and dangerous hunting operations, most states require appropriate insurance and bonds for outfitter & guide companies. Outfitter insurance and guide insurance, therefore, become key ways to have safe and prosperous adventures.

Consider what some consider a “normal” rafting adventure: Clients arrive at a public space and wait for rafting company-facilitated transportation. Then they all board the bus to the put-in site. Once arrived, boats, coolers, safety gear, communications devices, navigation aids, and personnel disembark. At the predetermined time guests and guides all climb aboard rafts with equipment and start the journey. A few hours later the boats pull into a designated location for a bathroom break, snack time, swim call, and resting session. They consume rafting company food and drinks. They climb aboard again and ride to the campsite overnight. The next day they do the same, and ultimately, they reach the journey’s end. Pre-arranged transportation is waiting on the crews at the take-out point, and everyone loads the boats and gear, then climbs aboard for the return ride. Can you identify dozens of risk factors involved in an operation as simple (or perhaps not!) as this? We can! Please put our agents to the test to ensure you don’t lose your profitable business due to some small unpredictable occurrence.

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