It’s a great time to be covered by an insurer that records driving activity!

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Several ubiquitous insurance companies monitor client driving activity for a limited length of time, then apply discounts in perpetuity for low-risk behaviors.  Are you and your family in a quarantine? Then we’d love to offer you terms with one of our discounted carriers.

What’s measured?

It tends to be four basic items:

  1. speed of acceleration
  2. abruptness of stops
  3. yaw of vehicle (rolling of the vehicle body in a curve)
  4. what time of day most driving takes place.

Two of our top carriers offer discounts JUST for letting them monitor, so what have you got to lose?

Please call one of our offices and ask for a quote from Safeco and Progressive to see who has the best deal for your situation.

Thank you, we appreciate being of service to our community!