Agent Spotlight: Linda Lingren

Get to Know Your Local Agent: Linda Lingren

Linda Lingren facilitates the direct, community-focused care you can only really receive from an insurance agent that is right there in your area. She is passionate about serving her local community one-on-one, and is committed to showing up to offer hands-on services.

But where does that come from?

Years of dedicated service, that’s where! 

Linda Lingren: Her Background

For many years, Linda Lingren has been working in Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley as a licensed insurance agent. Early on, she spent time as the partner and part owner in her own agency. After years of operation, Linda and her partner decided to sell their agency, initiating her move into another local firm, United Risk. 

At United Risk, Linda worked with the firm’s producers to establish new commercial accounts. Commercial accounts are those serving businesses, protecting the very business itself, it’s employees, its ownership and it’s autonomy. A study by The Hartford Report, paired with a number of other commercial claim statistics, showed that 40% of small businesses will file a claim within 10 years. Having an experienced, committed agent makes all the difference when a business falls into that statistic and needs to file a claim. 

Eventually, United Risk came up for sale as well, heading to the big corporate world that reached well beyond the Southern Oregon community Linda had come to love serving. Her decision mirrored that passion- she wanted to stay local, and to serve local. It was in that move, Ashland Insurance gained a knowledgeable and effective agent. 

In her first phase with Ashland Insurance, Linda worked with producers to contact new clients. Soon, though, she decided to start producing insurance policies herself. In becoming a producer, and writing new policies, she covered all areas- commercial, business, personal and a lot of what fills the in-between. Her specialties put her right in the midst of helping local businesses, specifically contractors, hotels, restaurants, and rental properties. Now she writes, while others facilitate the services. The impact and scope of her expertise are far reaching, rooted at home here in Southern Oregon, and going even further beyond. 

Linda Lingren: In Nature

Linda’s life in Oregon isn’t filled or defined solely by her devoted work to her clients, though. 

In most times out of the office, Linda enjoys her time outdoors immensely. Any activity that gets her out in nature puts a smile on her face. Whether its fishing, mushroom hunting, or being out on the ocean, Linda revels in the peace found out in the woods or on the water. To her, she is out in nature if and when she can be because “When you’re up in the mountains with the lakes and streams, it’s peaceful and it’s quiet-  it’s getting back to how it used to be.” 

Just as her passion for serving her community started somewhere, so did her connection with the natural world around her. From a child, Linda would spend her time outside “from day one” when they moved and landed here in Oregon. She saw her mom as an avid outdoorsperson, much as she has grown into herself to this day. For her, spending her childhood in the woods was just normal– and it grew to be the normal that she lives to this day. 

In her active time spent outdoors, she has also found herself accompanying the groups that head outside as well. She is a part of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, as well as the Oregon Hunters Association. It is with these groups that she gives time, volunteering at banquets and taking kids out on field trips. The Oregon Hunters Association finds value in passing down the experiential knowledge garnished in the years spent out in nature, and they want to see that knowledge passed on to the next generations to come. They believe in getting youth out in nature- that means off the couch, off their phones, and out watching the natural world turn around them. 

Linda Lingren: Your Agent

In all her passion for what is local, Linda hasn’t only committed to serving the local community, she spends her time in all the nature that is local here as well. There is a lot that is different between sitting out in the woods and sitting in your car. They balance each other, though, as she is able to be present with those she serves, while still looking to the woods, the hills, the rivers and beyond with joy knowing she gets to return. 

Linda has had clients she served for years. In that time, she has been able to develop relationships with these clients- they are no longer just customers, they are friends for whom she wants to arrive for when they need it, and try to truly help. Its this independent service facilitated to the Rogue Valley by Ashland Insurance that she believes in. From her vantage, she gets to see the presence Ashland Insurance facilitates- the very thing she carries in her own work. “We are there, on the spot. We deal locally and take care of our people. There’s always someone in the office. There’s just not as many local hometown agencies like this anymore.”

Linda Lingren
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