Motorcycle Insurance Policy for Riders on the Road: the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How?

motorcycle insurance policy

A lot pops up in preparation for the spring months and the continuation of the year- 

Taxes, the first flowers of the season, the excitement around getting the shed some of those layers we added each day to stay warm-

And, unsurprisingly, the hunger for adventure

It takes many different shapes and forms for all folks, and for some (actually, for many), it takes the shape of a two wheeled machine made to take the rider on a true adventure through the roads and scenic byways of our cities and open spaces.

Yep, you guessed it- as the temperatures begin to rise, so too do the numbers of motorcyclists on the road. 

But are the numbers of adequate and active motorcycle insurance policies matching those numbers? 

Knowing the inherent danger associated with riding motorcycles, you would hope so, but if there are still any lingering questions to a motorcycle insurance policy’s validity and need, you are in the right place to answer those questions. 

Motorcycle Insurance Policy for Riders on the Road: Who’s Riding? 

The classic stereotyped image of the motorcycle rider lives on in so many stories and so many minds. A young man clad in a leather jacket, dark sunglasses, a little scruff of facial hair, tattoos scrawled across their arms, and so on…

But the average American motorcycle rider is no longer confined to the narrative assigned to this image of the original “bad boy”.

In the U.S., the average age of motorcycle riders sits at 48 years old, with an average wallet of riding experience at 26 years (though, hopefully, there is a motorcycle insurance policy card stuffed in the wallet of years on a bike, on the road too…)

There are 9.89 million registered motorcycles across the U.S. in 2021.

And, of all those bikes, and of all the associated riders, nearly 20% are female. 

Thats a bit different of an image of who you might see on the bike you’re pulling up alongside as you come to a stop at that red light, right?

What’s also different is where you’d find the majority of those bikes. 

In 2014, the top 5 states with the highest number of registered motorcycles were:

      • -South Dakota
      • -New Hampshire
      • -Iowa 
      • -Wisconsin
      • -Wyoming

Thats compared to the statistics of 2021 showing the top 5 states being:

      • -New York 
      • -California
      • -Florida
      • -Arkansas
      • -Ohio 

With a seemingly ever-changing wide span across all states, demographics, and ages, it might be that much easier to see yourself on a bike. But how can you jump on and still feel confident? 

Think about it this way- even with all those changes in statistics, there is still one thing that hasn’t changed. The logical need to insure both you and your bike with a secure motorcycle insurance policy. 

motorcycle insurance policy

Motorcycle Insurance Policy for Riders on the Road: What’s the Risk? 

That thing that hasnt changed– the undeniable need for security and protection added to the open road experience from an effective motorcycle insurance policy– comes from the fact of the other part that hasnt changed– 

The danger of riding a motorcycle. 

In 2020, it was noted that for every vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclist fatalities happened almost 28 times more frequently than passenger car fatalities in traffic collisions. Any of these fatal accidents could happen in one of the three most dangerous states for motorcycle ridingMississippi, Texas, or South Carolina– but also, any of these collisions could occur in all 47 other states. 

Motorcycle riding is just dangerous. 

The dangers come from the style of transportation in and of itself with so much more exposure, the lack of safety features such as seat belts and airbags, and the comparative stability of being in a cabin on 4 wheels compared to just 2 wheels. 

There are also the seasonal and elemental dangers associated with riding a motorcycle at each time of year. Spring time riding carries its own special seasonal hazards that are often left over from the icy winter months– the gravel-like riding over cinder or encountering unmaintained windfall

There are also the surprise elements that arrive in the shoulder months moving from one season to the next. If you have ever been caught in an unexpected thunderstorm while on your bike, you understand the game of peek-a-boo you end up playing with the weather. 

The one constant throughout the seasons? 

The support and assistance your motorcycle insurance policy can provide you in the case you get caught in one of these scenarios.

Motorcycle Insurance Policy for Riders on the Road: Grabbing the Policy You Need 

On one side, there is the excitement of the ride. On the other side, the awareness of the dangers that roll in on two wheels. 

But what bridges the gap between those two? What’s the bit in the middle that can keep you feeling safe with the awareness of what comes with the adventure, but does not hinder the expanding desire to continue the adventure? 

Having an appropriate motorcycle insurance policy. 

It’s like having the right gear- wearing the right kind of well-fitting, armored riding jacket and pants. The riding gloves and the boots. It’s even as important as your helmet. 

motorcycle insurance policy

Motorcycle Insurance Policy for Riders on the Road: Where to Begin? 

Motorcycle insurance isn’t actually required in all 50 states- by law that is. By logic and maintained awareness of safety, statistics, and security, it should be personally required wherever you ride. 

Curious about the states that don’t actually legally require all motorcyclists to carry a motorcycle insurance policy as of 2023? That would be Florida, Washington, and Montana. 

The first step in finding the right motorcycle insurance policy that covers you based on where you live, and where you ride, clearly starts with you, your bike, and your safe operation education. 

You have your bike, but do you need a motorcycle license in order to get a motorcycle insurance policy

A motorcycle license, or an endorsement, by all technicalities is not required to purchase the needed coverage of a motorcycle insurance policy, though, many insurers tend to make a request to see a valid motorcycle license as a staple in the application approval process. Depending on the insurer themselves, some accept learner’s permits as an accepted inclusion, whereas others can prefer motorcycle insurance policy coverage to extend to a valid license holder. 

Just like getting your driver’s license, there is highly specific safety information regarding traffic integration that each motorcyclist must display awareness of. In addition to the knowledge and skills tests completed before a rider can receive a license, most states also require riders to take an approved motorcycle safety courses

Motorcycle Insurance Policy for Riders on the Road: What Coverage is Needed? 

A motorcycle insurance policy can be as detailed and a bit hard to navigate just as any other coverage documentation. 

It’s important to always gain clarity on any aspect of your coverage rather than making any assumption of coverage. You dont want to assume there is protection where there isn’t, especially at the time you need it and discover it isn’t actually there. 

Speak directly with an agent. You can always call us, and we can help! 

Though, right here we still can explain a few important elements to be aware of: liability insurance, bodily injury liability coverage, and personal injury protection. 

Liability Insurance and Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Just like auto insurance, most states require that, at the very least, a motorcyclist have liability insurance and coverage within their motorcycle insurance policy. This is the coverage that, if a rider causes an accident that entails injury or property damage to another person, the insurance will provide financial coverage needed for damages inflicted. Most liability insurance policies include the bodily injury liability coverage as it associates to the other party involved in the accident. 

The coverage included in this portion of a motorcycle insurance policy is often structured with maximum coverage of bodily injury per person / per accident / of property damage. You will often see it displayed like this: 25/65/15.

This means, in the event of an accident, your motorcycle insurance policy will cover $25,000 of bodily injury per person, with a cap of $65,000 of bodily injury coverage per accident and $15,000 in property damage. 

Do remember, though, liability insurance does not cover personal injuries obtained in an accident.

Personal Injury Protection

The dangers associated with the level of exposure riders experience on their bikes, as well as the factors and probability that something will likely happen, should be fairly clear at this point . Motorcyclists are nearly 30 times more likely to be in an accident than a standard occupant vehicle, with a concerning 80% injury/fatality rate.

The most common injuries? Foot and ankle. 

The most impactful piece of gear to help minimize fatal injuries by up to 41%? Helmets. 

The most important piece of gear to have for when the statistics do indeed hold up?  Motorcycle insurance policy and coverage. 

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers the expenses that can come up for your own injuries acquired in an accident. PIPs can cover medical expenses, loss of work wages, rehabilitation, funeral expenses, etc. Though PIP does not cover physical personal property damage, the most important thing to ensure is covered, is your own self

motorcycle insurance policy

Motorcycle Insurance for Riders on the Road: Still Have Questions?

You can be a confident rider, holding the record of not once laying your bike down, or finding yourself in a sticky situation. The probability of an accident may not concern you just yet, so consider the other risks of being without insurance

    • -Your plates are ran and no motorcycle insurance policy is found on file. 
    • -You’re pulled over. 
    • -You’re ticketed between $100 and $5,000. 
    • -Your bike can be towed or impounded. 
    • -Your license can be suspended. 
    • And then you’re left wondering, “Wait, I didn’t grab the motorcycle insurance policy just to save money??”

There are many reasons to get on a motorcycle. From the freedom, to the affordability, the gas mileage to the culture–

no matter the reason, you on a bike should be riding with the right coverage and the right motorcycle insurance policy. 

With so many questions to still consider, and so many resources to still tap into.

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