Get Your Home Ready for Spring: Essential Pacific Northwest Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Pacific Northwest Spring Home Maintenance

Living in the Pacific Northwest is filled with days fed by the unique experience in a region defined by its features and seasons. 

The natural setting of our mountains, our coastlines, our waterways, and our high deserts are noted across the internet, and around the world– it’s even written about in an academic journal from Plymouth University in England.  

The unique regions carved into their own corners by the mountains that cross our region lead to the highly distinct and unmistakable seasons experienced here in the Pacific Northwest. 

But, beyond simply witnessing the landscape as it changes with the seasons, and experiencing the fluctuation in the temporal conditions on the other side of our windows, how do we move with the seasons?

How do we navigate the necessary Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance? 

With spring approaching, its easy to get caught up in the anticipation to see the flowers pop and to feel the sun again, but there are some steps you can take in preparing your home for the hotter months as we turn over into the next season. 

Pacific Northwest Spring Home Maintenance: Weather the Elements on the Exterior

There is something about listening to the rainfall that is just…relaxing. It’s noted to help soothe stress and anxiety, as well as aid in sleep.

Before we lay back, relax, and listen to the spring showers that inevitably play across our rooftops, there are still a few Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance updates to complete first. 

Roof and Gutters

Though our region doesn’t quite take the trophy for the rainiest place in the U.S., it is still known widely for its distinct rainy, misty appearance. 

But what happens if all that rain that’s coming down, doesn’t have anywhere to go? Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow, which, in turn, can lead to some serious water damage from the roof, down to the foundation. This is why this is an essential piece to Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance.

A good practice is clearing your gutters twice a year– once in the fall in preparation for the snowfall, and again in the spring in preparation for the rainfall. 

While you are up there, take a look at your roof. Look for signs of leakage, damaged shingles, or moss growth. Moss on our roofs can lead to damage as they act as sponges, holding moistures, heightening the risk of leaks, and degrading roofing tiles at a quicker rate.

As always, when approaching your Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance, do so with safety in mind! If you cannot complete these tasks at their heights, there are always professionals available to take care of you and your needs. 

Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance
Foundation and Drainage

The seasonal cycle of freezing and thawing that we experience in the winter months, can strain and stress our foundations

Take the time to inspect your foundation for cracks and visible damage. Pay extra attention to the areas where water may have pooled from depressions in the earth, or from the direct downpour from a gutter downspout. Though downspouts should direct water away from home foundations, this objective isn’t always maintained as a home ages and settles. 

Identifying where foundations are damaged early on will drastically diminish the repair costs and keep the potential of water damage from basement flooding at bay. 

Exterior Wood and Siding

Just as with the above suggestions, taking a moment to inspect another key feature of your home is crucial in your Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance. 

Take a walk around your house and look for any signs of damage, loose/exposed hardware, or rot. Much like fungi and bacteria, once there is rot established in an ideal space for it to spread, it does. And it does so quickly. The simple walk around your home can help you catch dry rot and save you in the long run – both in headaches and in costs. 

Also keep an eye out for any animal activity. Having animals burrowing under homes can lead to electrical and insulation damages among other potential damages. 

Yard and Landscaping

Looking to accent the coming spring season with the colors of flowers or the abundance of a yummy veggie garden? Maybe its as simple as wanting a yard that is well kept, and inviting for the spring and summer days that are right around the corner. 

A good approach in addressing your yard and the needed landscaping in your Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance is to check the outside spigots and faucets to ensure they are still flowing. This is beneficial in finding where any lines are blocked or have burst.

Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance

Pacific Northwest Spring Home Maintenance: Freshen the Interior

I’m sure most of us have heard that age-old phrase, “spring cleaning”. As teenagers that may have made us cringe a bit, knowing it comes with a long list of to-dos. These suggestions go beyond just tidying up here and there– these are the places to peek and areas to add to your Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance list.

Attic and Crawl Spaces

Though not a fully supported suggestion, and coming with its own risks, some folks still close their attic and crawl space vents in the winter months. With this in mind, if yours are closed, it is immensely important to open these vents up

Allowing for air flow will help release the risks associated with moisture build-up, like mold or mildew growth

HVAC System

Just as we are adjusting from working to keep warm to staying cool, other areas of our day to day are as well. Even our vehicles are having to go through their own post winter spring maintenance. Your home, including the HVAC system that regulates the heating and cooling, is in need of this adjustment as well. 

Priming your home’s HVAC system will ensure its smooth operating. That means a longer life span and inevitably saving you money.  This is as simple as scheduling a professional maintenance check up and changing your air filters. Living in the Pacific Northwest comes with the airborne irritants such as wildfire smoke and seasonal allergens, so it is beneficial to include refreshing your home air filters in your pacific northwest spring home maintenance regime. 


There is always that creeping fear of pipes freezing or bursting in the winter time. Sometimes the freezing of pipes damages the efficacy and can lead to leaks spouting in the thawing months of springtime. 

Check for leaks that may have resulted from the stress put on your pipes in those freezing months. Pay close attention to the areas directly exposed to the freezing temperatures. Look over faucets, fixtures, and any hoses to identify potential wear and tear. 

Navigating the world of water damage can be hard. We covered the realm of Water Seepage or Leakage Coverage to help in knowing what may be covered and what may not be covered. Its always ideal to catch the potential problem before it happens though, so include looking at your plumbing in your Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance. Water Seepage or Leakage Coverage

General Cleaning

And then, of course, the tried-and-true spring cleaning. There are so many benefits to a cleaner home from positive effects on your mental health, physical health, and the well-being of your home as a whole. 

As the sun shines through your freshly clean, open windows, let it fall on a clean and happy home. 

Pacific Northwest Spring Home Maintenance: Extra Tips 

There are always the extra things you can consider when setting out to complete your Pacific Northwest spring home maintenance to its fullest.

Consider Your Region 

Just as we mentioned above, there are distinct regions in our Pacific Northwest. With each distinct region, there are additional considerations to keep in mind. For example, for those of us living in the coastal regions, there may need to be extra attention paid to our homes’ exteriors thinking of the effects of the exposure to salt spray. 

Call Your Local Professionals

Some of the tasks presented require professional assistance and equipment, while other may not require their help but could make the process much easier for you. Climbing on your roof to check those gutters and shingles always comes with risks. There are professionals offering these services to make your life easier!