Pathway Enterprises, Inc: Beyond the Basics

Pathway Enterprises, Inc

Looking out over the landscape of organizations that not only see and meet the needs of our local communities, but witnessing those that go beyond the basics, breathes life into a future that is being cultivated. 

Pathways Enterprises Inc. is one of those organizations.

In fact, according to The 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon in 2022 released by Oregon Business each year, they are ranked as the 4th best nonprofit to work for in the state of Oregon. 

How Did Pathway Enterprises, Inc Rank? 

To make it on the Oregon Business 100 Best list, there are a number of metrics that are weighed in and looked over. Some are reviewed from the overall public presentation and offerings of each nonprofit, and other metrics are contributed to internally, from the workforce that helps move the organization forward. 

These include: 

  • – Competitive compensation and benefits 
  • – Flexibility to support employees through family responsibilities, health challenges and challenging workloads.
  • – Availability and presence of internal support, showing itself more than once as higher management stepping onto frontlines to assist with workloads and staff shortages across a turbulent year
  • – Quality of work environment
  • – Efficacy of management and communication
  • – Alignment and application of mission and goals
  • – Career development and learning afforded employees 
  • – Benefits provided 

What does Pathways Enterprises look like through that lens?

As featured in the spotlight,

Pathway Enterprises is dedicated to ensuring adults with disabilities have opportunities to live, work and recreate in their communities. It offers 100% paid benefits for children, 100% paid insurance to all employees working 30 hours per week or more, and 100% paid medical transport memberships for all employees. Employees praised the camaraderie, including directors’ willingness to work in group homes during staffing shortages. ‘We all pitch in, even if it is not in our job description.’”

This is the structure offered that embodies the beliefs held within the creation of Pathway Enterprises. Pathway Enterprises is the type of organization that plants a seed of hope, with a dream for the future. They then put the time and effort into caring for, and cultivating the very seed they planted. They are so committed to the future they want to see, they are doing their part in building it themselves. 

Who is Pathway Enterprises?

Pathway Enterprises is a nonprofit established in Medford, Oregon, whose work is geared towards elevating the lives of adults with disabilities. This means everything from living, to working, to recreating in their own communities. This mission is founded on the values associated with “providing support services designed specifically to the needs, abilities and desires of the individuals served.” This comes from a foundation of dignity and respect as it is given not only to those served, but held up within the workforce of the organization. Effective communication, teamwork and positive attitudes are valued and encouraged in each step. 

According to Pathway Enterprises directly, 

“Who Is Pathway Enterprises? We’re a non-profit who is as diverse as the people we serve. . . We’re dedicated to serving people with disabilities, encouraging independence & supporting Our Community”

Their drive is to “create positive environments that are recognized throughout Oregon for enhancing the lives of people with disabilities,” and it is seen through the work they do and the recognition they receive as their community contributions are viewed from all angles. 

The Pathway Enterprise Timeline

Pathway Enterprises has worked years to create the change they wanted to see in the world around them. 

May 1985: Pathway Enterprises, Inc., first known as Southern Oregon Training and Habilitation, was established to provide homes and work opportunities for residents of Oregon’s State Institution for adults and children with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities., Fairview Training Center.

1986: Four homes were opened in the Rogue Valley to supply the home opportunities desired for those at the training center. 

Also in 1986: Pathways Enterprises developed their first employment program. This program quickly evolved and reach far into different industries, as well as different counties throughout Southern Oregon. 

1988: The first apartment supported-living program for developmentally disabled adults in Jackson County was started. This then expanded into two additional, separate residential homes in Medford.

1993: Expanding into Northern California, Pathway began managing the Siskiyou Adult Development Center. 

2011: Pathway Enterprises began refocusing back to Oregon after leasing an associated workspace in Yreka in Northern California. 

2012: Big moves came with big changes- exciting changes! Upon moving offices to the current location in Medford, Oregon, Pathway Enterprises acquired a space that includes two large training rooms, a conference room and a Community Education Center used for training, education, and additional activities facilitated to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. 

What does Pathway Enterprise Offer the Community?

Residential Services

With the mission behind Pathway Enterprises encompassing the prospects of living, working, and recreating fully for adults with disabilities, they started right at home. 

In the home spaces offered, the principles of safety, comfort, and security of housing are the backbone of this program. From there, they expand beyond the basics- the positive home settings are accentuated with activities, building relationships, and opportunities to discover useful skill sets that raise the quality of life. 

These quality living environments take different shapes. They offer Community Homes for a living arrangement that is a more monitored engagement with each Individual Service Plan that is tailored to each resident. This format is made to help the individual become more independent and comfortable in their community. 

The Supported Living choice pursues an even more autonomous and independent living arrangement. This option allows for the resident to live in their own home, gain control of their lives and become active community members.

Classes & Learning Opportunities

To enable individuals to pursue the interests they both want and need to know enhances their own lives, elevating them to a higher level of independence and autonomy. 

Class options include everything from budgeting, bus riding, and cooking, to music & dance, fitness & nutrition, and relationships & dating. These classes are offered in person or virtual depending on the individual’s needs. They also include field trips to a number of local community partners. 

Employment Services 

Oregon has prioritized the employment opportunities to all working individuals, including adults with disabilities, through their Employment First initiative. This initiative links up with the offerings put forth by Pathway Enterprises. 

Both Discovery & Job Development and Jon Coaching are available to ensure each individual feels comfortable, capable, and confident in all stages of employment– from the search of a job to the maintaining of one.


With each of those building blocks, the community can see what has been built for those individuals to feel right at home.

Ashland Insurance is happy to share an organization that truly goes beyond the basics for those they serve.

Thank you to Pathway Enterprises, Inc and congratulations on your 100 Best ranking from Oregon Business.