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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance, I have it already because I insure my car, right?


Personal Insurance encompasses much more than just your car. Do you own a home or rent an apartment or a house? Do you have a boat, motorcycle or a recreational vehicle? All of these are part of your personal insurance exposures. Other things can include your personal liability, liability if you are part of a home owners association, rental cars and even operating as an Uber driver.


At Ashland Insurance (AI) we train our employees to thoroughly review your current coverages and then ask those questions that others might not to make sure we offer you the very best coverages at the best possible price. Has anyone ever asked you about service line coverages? You may not want it but we will let you know if it is available.


With the right personal insurance review and insurance package, you can feel at ease knowing that you have a safety net to protect you, your family and your assets in the event of the unexpected.

Personal Insurance