Refer a Friend & Win!

Refer a Friend & Win

With every call that comes in, one of the simple questions asked is, 

“How did you hear about us?” 

Which can be code for, “Who was so happy and ready to refer a friend, that they sent you to us?”

In our families, with our friends, amongst the neighbors, or just between colleagues, we always hear about the experiences had with local businesses. 

And trust us, when the experience they’re sharing is good, it’s really good! These are the folks in your life that love suggesting that one business, service or experience that was just so complete and so thorough- the same one they suggest to call in case you happen to need it too.

So when our agents ask the question of how the caller has heard about us, we typically hear a name of one of those individuals that shared their satisfying experience with us- that same person who was happy to refer the caller to the same place where all their own needs were met. 

Refer a Friend & WIN

It’s said that word of mouth is truly a force of nature, and we feel it! To show gratitude to those we serve that are expanding our reach to those new customers we can help, we decided to give back a little of the same appreciation they show us. 

With every call that comes from a referral, we gather the name of the referring individual and add it to the cookie jar. At the beginning of each month, that jar is shaken, stirred, and reached into, with one name being pulled out.

And what do they win? 

A $50 Visa gift card! 

The cookie jar is then emptied and a new round is started for the next monthly raffle. 

Those other cards left over though? They aren’t just tossed away! They are saved and added to a larger pull that happens at the end of the year. There is the same shaking, stirring, and reaching in for another card. This winner, pulled from all the cards from the whole year that hadn’t won one of the monthly raffles for the $50 gift cards, wins a $500 Visa gift card. 

Sharing your experience and referring someone to us means you are giving them the insight needed and the place to go to get the same friendly service we provide you. In all the gratitude and serving the community, we want to give a bit back as well!

When you refer someone and send them our way, just make sure they let us know who sent them.

We say thank you now, but you also might just get a little thank you note with an attached gift card when you win the monthly raffle made for all those who were happy to refer a friend!