The Almeda Fire: Rebuilding from the Ground Up

Almeda Fire Damage
Two years later, we revisit a look into the Almeda Fire .

Credit and thanks to Harry & David

How Disaster Led to Sharing and Rebuilding focuses on how the Almeda Drive Fire forever changed the small towns in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley and the Harry & David family.

Through sharing resources and interviews with residents and first responders, we’re dedicated to helping those affected by the wildfire that destroyed over 2,000 homes in our local community.

To support victims of the Almeda Fire, you can donate to the Teresa McCormick Center. A nonprofit located in Medford, Oregon, they’re committed to assisting and providing resources for all those affected by the wildfires.


You’ve heard about the fires that swept through the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon on September 8 of this year.

You may have also heard of the devastation: 2457 homes were lost, 102 of which belonged to Harry & David employees because of the Almeda Fire.

But the reality of what happened only hits home when you see it through the eyes of those who lived it.

This short film shows the impact of the fire on the communities of Ashland, Talent and Phoenix, Oregon. More importantly, it shines a light on a community determined to grow stronger through adversity.

Please consider making a donation to to support victims of the Almeda Fire.