Why you need an independent insurance agent

Insurance agents value an d benefits

As most of us are inundated with so many insurance ads these especially from direct sellers like GEICO, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual, many are suffering from shopping fatigue only to be left wondering if they have the best coverage and if they would be covered following a claim. Consumers are on the move between companies, which can be a great deal of work. An independent agent represents many companies, so they can do all of the work on your behalf behind the scenes!

The culture of immediate transactions that technology has created is not without consequences and buying an insurance policy is no different. Most insurance companies offer apps that would allow you to quote and purchase your own policy in minutes promising very high savings and giving you the option to select your own coverage with no questions asked all in the name of saving time. However, this practice has proven to be risky and left many clients with regrets after they filed a claim and found out they are not properly covered.

Insurance agents (especially independent insurance agents like Ashland Insurance) have for long been considered trusted professionals and community agents for anyone looking for a new insurance policy. However, younger drivers and home buyers seem to deem their existence as unnecessary and their job as outdated because “an app could do their job”.  But is that true?

The stereotype of an insurance agent as a “policy pusher” comes mostly from lack of education as to what an insurance agent actually is or does. With a little education, you would come to find out that an insurance agent has added value and could be your best ally in protecting you, your family and your business.

  • Education: insurance agents are licensed professional who went through a lot of training to get licensed. They keep up to date with the changes in the insurance world from coverage needs to the legal implications of coverage and claims. Most insurance agents cherish the opportunity to meet with their clients and help answer their questions  and listen to their personal challenges and family or business needs to suggest the best coverage to protect their loved ones and their assets. This is a valuable service that no one app or a call center could fulfill. Insurance agents also welcome anyone with questions even if they are not a current client and help break down complicated concepts in simple language.
  • Shopping for the best coverage to cost value: as most of us hear and see constant ads from insurance companies, it is important to address the fact that not all insurance companies advertise and no all sell their insurance policies direct or online. Many of the best insurance companies in the market sell exclusively through independent insurance agencies and therefore offer in many cases better rates than the direct sellers with heavy advertising budgets cannot.
  • Risk management: independent insurance agencies listen to their customers’ needs and unique risk exposure to discuss their risk exposure, shop several companies and offer the best coverage that best suits them. Insurance is not a one size fits and insurance agents could help you understand the policy of your choice, its limits and exclusions and customize it when possible to add specific coverage options you need based on your unique risk. Only an educated and experience agent could bring tis added value and this proves to be priceless in case of a claim.
  • Claim assistance: if you have ever filed an insurance claim, then you know how frustrating this process could be in the best circumstances. Having a agent in a difficult time like an accident or a house fire is priceless. An insurance agent is your advocate and would work with a claim adjuster to make sure your claim handled correctly to get the best settlement you can.
  • Underwriting issues: insurance companies often review their policies following audits, home inspections … etc. These reviews often result in an action taken by the company for underwriting issues that make a client a higher risk. This could result in actions such a notice of cancellation or non renewal. An agent could be your best advocate in a time like this when you need to do all you can to maintain your coverage. The agent could review your specific situation and help either bypass the requirements dictated by the underwriter or buy you more time to address the issues in question or shop other companies and obtain a new policy for you if your current company is not flexible.
  • Community member: Insurance agents often live in the same community as their clients and understand their clients needs. They are their clients’ neighbors and could speak to the challenges they face. As a community member, insurance agencies and insurance agents are also local employers and help their community. We at Ashland Insurance could testify to this. We currently support several local non profit organizations, sponsor families during the Christmas holiday season and always step in to help our community members when in need.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your policy with your agent, please contact us. If you have not worked with an agent in the past and would like to meet with a trusted adviser at Ashland Insurance to help you review your current coverage and discuss the coverage options we could facilitate, we would be happy to chat with you.

We have access to hundreds of insurance companies for a purpose, to try and meet your risk management questions with the best fit possible in terms of comprehensive coverage from insurance agency agents that we trust who are trustworthy and have a history of excellent claims experience, all for a consistently competitive premium. We are here to help you make your best decisions.

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