Wildland Firefighter Insurance Coverage

Wildland firefighter insurance coverage

Wildland fire contractor - Betty Goldey

Meet your trusted agent: Betty Goldey

Betty brings a varied background of experience to her work here at Ashland Insurance.  Growing up the daughter of a lawyer, she spent many hours of her young life taking calls from clients, typing dictation and reading through legal documents.  Thinking a law degree was in her future, she attended Oklahoma State University and received a Bachelor Degree in English Literature.  However, all through college and many years after, she pursued jobs in the customer service industry and sales.  While working as a waitress in rural Idaho, she met a Wildland Fire Fighter whom she later married and in 2015 Betty and her family landed in Southern Oregon.  With her background in customer service and sales, she found the Insurance Industry to be a fulfilling way to meet people in the community she was new to.  She has since made it her goal to understand her client’s policies so that she is able to help them navigate their needs efficiently and with as little confusion as possible.  She likes to call herself a “Translator” because she knows how overwhelming all the language can be.

In 2018 Betty and her husband started a business in the field of Wildland Fire Contracting.  Salamander Incident Services, LLC is a small contractor that operates a Type 3 Water Tender and a Type 2 Wood Chipper.  They have a VIPR agreement and work with both State and Federal Agencies to support Wildland Fire efforts.  Additionally, in the off season, Salamander Tree Service does small scale, residential and commercial tree work.  Although most of the day-to-day operations are handled by her arborist/firefighter husband, she does don the green and yellow Nomex and report to Incident Command whenever she is needed.  Additionally, Betty handles all of the contracting and administrative tasks to guarantee Salamander stays current with all VIPR guidelines.  After purchasing her heavy equipment, she found out first hand how difficult it is to find such specialized insurance for Wild Fire contractors.  She came to Ashland Insurance to help people through the steps she stumbled over.

What does this mean for our Clients?

With her background in Insurance, customer service, literature and law Betty will be able to read through any of your existing contracts or agreements to make sure all the requirements by the government are met and if your existing insurance coverage is right for you.  Because Salamander has active agreements, Betty will stay current with any changes that may come straight from the CO. There is no one more suited to understanding the intricacies of seasonal fire contracting and how that pertains to your insurance needs.

Do you think your Insurance for your Contractor’s License is enough for Fire?

It may be… But probably not.  The only way to tell for sure is to review your policy.  However, most insurance companies want nothing to do with the risks involved with being on a fire line.  Or, you may be paying way too much for the coverage because the insurance company doesn’t understand how little time fire season actually is and you’re being charged for year-round coverage.

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